Saving Money

Wednesday, February 09, 2005
ING DIRECT USA - Products and Rates

High interest, no fees, no service charges, no kidding.

With an Orange Savings Account, you earn a variable 2.35% Annual Percentage Yield (effective 12/27/04 ) on savings every day, with a level of flexibility, freedom, and security you simply won't find at other banks. And because your account is FDIC insured, your account is always secure.

No required minimum balances... ever.

There is no minimum balance required to open your Orange Savings Account, and you don't have to keep a specific balance in your account to qualify for a high interest rate. No matter how much you have on deposit, the rate is still 2.35% APY.

No fees. No service charges. No penalties. No hidden costs.

ING DIRECT's Orange Savings Account won't burden you with fees or service charges. Period. So you earn high interest on every penny you deposit.

24-hour access to your funds, and you don't even have to change banks.

An Orange Savings Account makes your money available to you whenever you need it. When you open your account, it is automatically linked to your current checking account used for your initial deposit. You can make deposits or withdraw funds by transferring money online, through our Interactive Phone Service, or by speaking with an ING DIRECT Sales Associate.

Pay Yourself First!

The Automatic Savings Plan allows you to automatically have a fixed amount of money regularly transferred to your high interest Orange Savings from your linked checking account. You will be saving your money effortlessly and will have money for a rainy day or to achieve your dreams. You can either call us or set up your Automatic Savings Plan on this website. You specify how much money you would like transferred, and how often you would like it moved. This is the simple, easy wa"