What is EXIF?

Wednesday, February 09, 2005
What is EXIF?

Question: What is EXIF data and how can it be used?

Answer: Digital cameras save JPEG (jpg) files with EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) data. EXIF information is also embedded in original TIFF files. Camera settings and scene information are recorded by the camera into the image file. Examples of stored information are shutter speed, date and time, focal length, exposure compensation, metering pattern and if a flash was used.

Many digicam owners find EXIF data useful to study when comparing successful images to those which are not. The information is a great learning tool for those who want to understanding how various camera settings effect the exposure of digital images.

EXIF data can be read by applications which support JPEG such as web browsers, image editing programs and some printer software drivers. Your digicam probably came with an image viewer which lets you view EXIF information for each image. If your printer supports EXIF, the driver uses the information to automatically enhance images which may result in a better looking print outs.

If you edit an image in certain image editing programs, EXIF data can also be lost. Remember, always edit copies of originals.
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