Campaign to Save the Environment

Thursday, March 10, 2005

To Apply Call 1-800-75-EARTH

This summer, take your conscience to work

Campaign to Save the Environment

The Environment needs your help now more then ever! With the reality of another four years, the Bush Administrations will continue its attacks on our most basic environmental laws, like the Clean Air Act. Bush's dirty and dangerous energy plan will make more people sick from smog and soot pollution. The Administration will continue to allow the timber industry to destroy the last pristine areas of our National Forests.

As a member of our staff, you will fundraise and build membership for our partner groups, and educate and activate citizens on pressing environmental issues. You will also have the opportunity to organize press conferences and build coalitions with other non-profit organizations. While on staff, you gain knowledge of pressing environmental concerns, learn how to effectively generate public support, and obtain a firm understanding of the political process. We have over 50 locations across the country call 1-800-75-EARTH for more information.

Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is the nation's oldest and largest grassroots environmental group. The Sierra Club promotes conservation by influencing public policy at all levels-from the White House and Congress to state capitals.

The State PIRG's

The state Public Interest Research Groups are the nation's most effective public interest advocacy groups, active in 32 states. By combining professional research with grassroots advocacy, the state PIRGs work to protect the environment, fight for consumers' rights, promote good government and win real victories that improve people's lives.

Give our friendly staff a call at 1-800-75-EARTH or go to www.jobsfortheenvironment.org for a list of office locations.
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