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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hey, what is this?

Am I to be doing something with this?

I am putting names into my gmail contacts.

I tried to access the blog page and add copy by sending email.

It didn't work.

I think I want to emphasize my construction and
permaculture knowledge in the blog, along with the art.

I want to tell you a story.

Donna, my wife, who you still havent met, went to a cobb building class in the California sierra's. It was a women's workshop put on by Becky Bee, a known cobb contractor out west. See has a motor home and a dog that she takes from job to job.

She wrote a booklet on earthen floors. In the booklet she spoke about
one project that was the disaster from hell. Nothing was working
materials werent arriving and the subs weren't showing up to do
their parts. Some one of the women working said "Lets go lay down on
the land and ask what it wants". Can you see a bunch of guys doing
this? So they laid down on the land and were quiet. After a little
while, they leaned up and asked each other what they got. The
consensus was "move the house". It was in the wrong place. So, they
took the house apart and put it in a new location. The subs then
started arriving to do their work and the materials began arriving on
time. The project turned into one of harmony.

When donna and I were looking for land in arizona, I remembered this
story and asked donna to question the earth of one particular parcel.
She said the feeling she got was that the earth felt injured, that it
had been hurt. We made an offer on the parcel and in a few days we got
a full disclosure on the land and someone had illegally dumped
asbestos in one corner. THe owner had to pay for a toxic cleanup. That
was what donna had picked up.

The LAND was still carrying the negativity of the energy from the toxic dumping.

We passed on buying that parcel.

We eventually bought a lot by a creek near Rimrock. It had some
building problems but I fixed those and got permits for a house. I
would go our on the lot and imagine what I was going to build. One
night in a dream, I met nine plant entities. THey were the keepers of
the life force for nine plants that would grow well on our lot. THey
said they would work with me. I told donna about this the next day and
she cried. Her family were farmers in upstate new york for years. She
has a deep appreciation for the cycle of plant growing. Each plant
species has an enitity that helps all plants grow. That would mean
bamboo also has one or maybe several.

I eventually abandoned my plans for building on the property. I wanted
to build with cob but the permittting process had no understanding
about cobb. I then looked at adobe block but when I got an estimate
for wall building, the costs were way out of line. I then looked at
stick built and then realized that I was building a house for economic
reasons not for personal heart reasons. I sold the lot for a profit
and moved to atlanta.

So what I miss, is doing something that has heart and is moving our
culture in a more sustainable direction.

I want the blog to emphasize sustainable practices, heart, art, and
connection to the unseen things that exist next to us.


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