! deVos 999 !

Thursday, March 31, 2005

! deVos 999 !, originally uploaded by fubuki.

on the cusp of his 1000th photo, i want to thank Kees for sharing his great stream with us. The best photographers balance a powerful penetrating eye with an embracing human heart. Kees is one of the best. His portraits are fantastic; he puts everyone at ease and captures their most vibrant smiles. such a great gift!

Kees was the first to reach out to me in Flickr and add me as a contact. i was just a poor hitchiker runaway, abused and neglected, from Fotki bumming around the Everyone station, looking for a bite to eat from a stale vending machine and a warm vent to sleep on. Kees gave me a contact add and group invites and comments, and slowly i got back on my feet and eventually became a contributing member of the flickrverse. hehe

Actually that prolly means he is responsible for starting my own flickr addiction - but i thank him for his generosity and class.

Kees, you are definitely a great flickr and great friend. thank you!

editor's note: you cant beat a shot titled "tartan and leather" - i dont care how many cute powderpuff kitten shots, lighting strike photos, or flower porn - tartans and leather got em beat down, uffff! this is the start of something big - it could be its own sub-fetish and have its own clubs and support groups in a matter of days. what a great shot to go into your 1000th shot on!