joao in nyc 2003; times square

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

joao in nyc 2003; times square, originally uploaded by joaobambu.

"Once the amateur's naive approach and humble willingness to learn fades away, the creative spirit of good photography dies with it. Every professional should remain always in his heart an amateur." --Alfred Eisenstaedt

It's a shame that I've lost so many great digital photos of places I've been from carelessness -- mine and others -- lost on computers, CDs, digital cameras that fell from a canoe in Peace River, Arcadia Florida (It was Joe the gnome's fault!) and another that I left with a Taxi Driver by the name of Louis. However, I digress..

I was first empowered by putting my digital photos online when I came across Trekshare.com, which is a great travel photo/journal community started by Joseph Kultgen in New York and his wiz-kid programmer Jeremy Ahrens.

Met Joe at his apartment in the West Village (or was it East Village, all the same to me!) and had a great chat. He is an avid traveler and very passionate about sharing his experiences and others from around the world.

Trekshare.com has the same spirit that Flickr has and was a great 'stepping stone' and I still plan on renewing my membership and posting eventually my travel journals online.

Everything has it's time and place and I am discovering more and more that rushing towards a destination you are already going to arrive at (if you just stay on the train and focus on the beautiful scenery) is folly. So don't jump ship or throw momma off the train, but wait until you can MIND THE GAP and get off at the next station...