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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

From my Trekshare

Thursday Treppe

I can make it up the stairs

Ibbenbüren - 04-Sep-1997

04.09.97 Traveling into New Territory

Phillip, my host brother, just called. He asked me if the newspaper
came yet to interview me. Apparently they want to do an article on
student exchange in the teen section of their newspaper. So, I am
more than happy to help them. And of course, I don't mind being published
and becoming a famous celebrity in Ibbenbüren.

My father just called beforehand. It was about 7:15am and he was at
home. He had not left at work, but he will call me when it is 6 or 7pm,
which is about midnight or 1am. I told him it is no problem, I don't
mind waking up or perhaps I won't even be sleeping.

Today, Ingrid and Rita visited me in the morning. Rita brought me more
chocolate! If I ate all the chocolate gifts I have received so far,
I would be gaining weight, but actually I have eaten very little of it.
Most of the chocolate 'krispies' Robin gave me, I let Mirko and his
friend who came to visit me on Tuesday eat it. I only ate a few pieces
of Maija's chocolate. And I will probably give out most of Rita's
chocolate and toffees. I don't mind the ice cream though!

I ate all the apples Inga gave me, and a few of the lady fingers. Ah, it
is quite warm. The sun is streaming in through the large windows. I think
I saw on the news this morning that it would be 24 or 25 Grad (Celsius)
which is quite warm for Germany.

I walked alot with my crutches today. To the bathroom, and then out to
the visiting room. Then I spontaneously decided to walk to the end of
the hall, and when I reached the door at the other end, someone was
entering the ward. So I didn't miss this opportunity to 'escape' for a
bit, and I walked . . I mean limped, crutched, hobbled, whatever you
call what i was attempting to do, out of the ward. Then I was in a small
lobby with some chairs to the left and elevators to the right. I walked
straight ahead into the new ward. When I reached the end of that hallway,
I decided to go up the stairs. First time, without any instruction on
how to do it! When the therapist came today, she was slightly irrated
that I tried it without her showing me. She asked me if I did it
the correct way, and I listened, and then lied. I did it exactly the
way I was not supposed to. Big deal, I took a risk. I feel better for it.
When I reached the 2nd floor, [in the stairway] i looked out of a
small circular window, slightly opened. Ah! I am still in Germany I thought.
I could see all the green trees of the Teutoburger Wald in the dayistance,
and the strange smells of the city.

I am going to cut my exciting TaGebuch entry short, because I looked over
at my roomate and saw a very bored look on his face. He didn't have the
headphones on, so he wasn't listening to the TV or paying attention,
even though it is still on. He juts sits and does nothing. So I didn't
feel pity for him, but rather wanted to help him out. I also feel
like playing chess now. "Es ist langweilig, hier" I asked him. "ja", he
nods his hhead up and down.

So, I will play chess with him. He is not having a good time. Yesterday
after the operation he didn't feel good at all. At one point, he
told me he was going to throw up. I beeped the nurse. She brought a dish
for him. Later he ate some toast. And then later he threw it up.
He constantly called his parents last night to complain about his urination
problems. "I can't pee" he is complaing to me. OK, deal with it kid, though
break. But I can understand perhaps why he is acting so weakly. He is only
15, I am 18 .. I have already matured a bit (This is a relative quesion!
Maybe not!) and maybe he is a mama boy or his mother spoils him.. to many

I just have to try to b as friendly as possible. Always offering any of the
juice Ingrid brings for me, Chocolates, if he wants to us the laptop, etc.

Oh yes, a Neurologist came today. Sort of looked like a Pale Dr. Freud.

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