Why Jerry Yang Likes Flickr

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Yahoo! cofounder and Chief Yahoo Jerry Yang filled me in a bit this morning on why his company just bought the photo sharing site Flickr. ...

flickr bought by yahoo

Mainly, he says, Flickr and its founders, Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake, have managed to create a community through a deceptively simple means--letting people tag photos with words. That way, other people can find photos about things they're interested in and often connect with the people who snapped them. "The tags give a context to the images," he says, and that's something many other sites haven't managed to do. "Caterina and Stewart are very good at figuring out how to create communities."

What will Yahoo! do with Flickr? Yang won't say yet. As it happens, Yahoo! is in the process of expanding services that draw upon the contributions of its many users. But he did offer an off-the-cuff example of how Flickr might fit into other Yahoo! services. "You can type in Scottsdale, feed it into Yahoo! via an RSS feed, and make a calendar out of those photos." It's a good bet, though, that he and his company have a lot more in mind.
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