Bamboo-Plantations.com by Victor Brias

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Welcome to Bamboo-Plantations.Com

The Home of Bamboo Discussions on the Web

The Bamboo-Plantations Group is a forum for exchanging information, ideas, and opinions about the cultivation and use of BAMBOO.

Bamboo has been exploited from natural stands from time immemorial. In recent years, however, bamboo forests have been over-exploited to provide raw material for bamboo industries.

The growth of industries utilizing bamboo requires the sustainable cultivation and management of bamboo resources.

Bamboo is increasingly being cultivated like other agricultural crops, that is, in professionally managed plantations.

The aim of the group is to learn more about bamboo plantations. The topics of interest to the group include:

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  • global inventory of bamboo plantations

  • regulatory issues related to bamboo

  • national policies and strategies on bamboo agroforestry

  • environmental impact of bamboo plantations

  • planting material used for bamboo plantations

  • genetic enhancement of bamboo for plantations

  • the socio-economics of bamboo plantations

  • the role of women in bamboo plantations

  • the utilization of bamboo from plantations

  • plantation management techniques

  • opportunities for plantation development

  • assessment of existing plantations

  • information on bamboo plantation projects

  • harvesting methods

  • yields of bamboo plantations

  • economic and business analysis of bamboo plantations

  • industries dependent on bamboo as a raw material

  • data linking bamboo to other wood and non-wood forestry crops

The group is interested in knowing more about the issues that are directly or indirectly related to bamboo plantations. The group is thus an open platform for disseminating information related to bamboo plantations. It is open to all individuals: farmers, environmentalists, agronomists, entrepreneurs, industrialists, or anyone with a special interest in bamboo cultivation.

The group was founded by Dr Victor Brias

Message Archives: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bamboo-plantations/messages