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Monday, April 04, 2005

brasil e eu, originally uploaded by joaobambu.

Binha is her nickname for Fabiana;
I've known her for many years,
she is from my father's hometown of Echaporã, state of São Paulo, Brazil,
currently working as a Journalist in
Londrina "Little London" in the state of Paraná, 2 hours away;
Classic Beauty + Intelligence,
smart as a whip,
striking and sincere . . .

This was a photo she sent me via MSN Messenger called 'Brasil e eu' and it depicts a typical scene in Brazil with all the various elements juxtaposed...

Broken Piso;
Brazilian Beer in cheap plastic cups
Sandals, plastic boxes of Guarana (our national softdrink) in the background;
Em fim - Eh soh olhar pela Foto.

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