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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

After a relatively uneventful childhood, I've decided to break out and flit from one second to the other. I yearn to travel overseas, but my heart will forever be in Australia. I'm passionate about urban design and in particular the sustainable and equitable development of cities. Raptors and birds of all nature capture my spirit. I enjoy the company of my closest friends but also like to spend some time alone, mostly reading... if I ever get any time.

I've been running a blog style site (fnet) since early 2000 in an effort to catalogue my life since then. One day I will look back upon it and recall fond memories.

I'm not a good photographer by any stretch of the imagination. Rather than actively seeking picture opportunities, I seem to stumble upon them like a drunkard. I'm no artist, but perhaps there's a part of me yearning to be one.

People that stress about things too much annoy me. "Go with the flow" is my aphorism for life. "Have fun" is another, as well as "More beer" and "That tastes nice" have been known to come from my mouth.

I joined flickr so that my photos can be enjoyed by my friends and as a catalogue of my life thus far. I like taking photos, so maybe I might get better.

How profound. *cough*


Sydney, Australia
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