Message to Bamboo Plantations Newsgroup in january 2001

Wednesday, April 13, 2005
From: "Joao Paulo Paglione"
Date: Thu Jan 11, 2001 8:26 am
Subject: My attitude and critique of Brazil

Dear members of bamboo plantations:

According to what various people tell me, 40 Brazilian delegates attended
the last conference in Costa Rica sponsored by INBAR. I estimate that there
might be as many as 100 people in Brazil working with bamboo or researching
it. Yet, why is there only one commercial plantation of bamboo in Northern
Brazil? Why is there no Brazilian bamboo society? Why is Brazil not a member
country of INBAR? Why aren't the various researchers at various institutions
scattered around the country not working together or why at least isn't
there an Bamboo Association or Institution in Brazil.

If some Brazilians are reading this, and I hope some are, I am sure they
will have answers for me. After all, some of them have been trying
relentessley for years to try to get funding for their projects or stir up

Yet - I know there are those academics who spent a lifetime isolated in a
University setting, with money to comfortably research all sorts of bamboo
applications for an infinite amount of time without anyone actually APPLYING

That upsets me and motivates me even more to create my own bamboo plantation
in Brazil and help others do it as well.

I hope this group lasts well into the future, and some 3-5 years from now, I
can be telling you about how my different species are working, how many tons
of biomass or shoots I am getting per hectare, and how the bamboo has or
hasn't helped out the people of my region.


Joao Paulo Paglione
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