Putting People Before Bamboo

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

From: "Joao Paulo Paglione"

Date: Thu Jan 11, 2001 8:17 am
Subject: Stop looking, start doing

Perhaps we can start by taking a fresh look at
people and bamboo and putting the people first, not the bamboo.

It is 3:05am, so excuse me if I didn't read his commentary on "bamboo
socioeconomics" entirely or understand it...

I can tell you that many people state things in big words, and go on for
paragraphs criticizing and criticizing and so forth.

To me it is quite simple.

I want to plant bamboo in my region in Brazil because it is an alternative to help people. In recent years, the major coffee plantations and sugar-cane
industries have become mecanized. In the small village, where I spent my
last year hundreds are jobless. I spent most of my time speaking to farmers,
friends, and family who have suffered because of the incompetence of our
government and widespread corruption of politics.

So, it occurs to me:

Why not plant bamboo where I live and see what happens?

Why not makes furniture and lamps and things out of bamboo and try to sell
our 3rd world creativity to the 1st world consumers?

And it seems to be working and I think it will.

So far, my effort has created 4 jobs and spurred the interests in dozens in
my community.

For people to say that all these books which have been published and all these websites and all these articles about bamboo and it's 1,001 uses haven't helped .. is false. If it wasn't for such
information, I wouldn't be typing this message on the newsgroup, nor would I have traveled to Canada recently, or perhaps Portland, Oregon on Saturday ..

I do know, that utilizing bamboo as a renewable & sustainable resource where
I live, having a little courage, good planning, investment, and clever marketing -- PEOPLE are being put first and not research papers or pompous university professor who put themselves on pedestals and spend 20 years in a lab at a university studying the cell structure of Dendrocalamus giganteus or seeing how many metric tons it can withstand .. while streetkids in the village i lived are out at 11pm looking for beer or coke cans on the street to help their parents get by.

I do not think i will be a saviour to anyone, or have everyone in the village weaving bamboo baskets and living in bamboo homes.. but I think that bamboo has helped me put people first in my goals, and not the other way around.

From March of 2000 to November, I was on the Internet everynight researching
bamboo and e-mailing people. I probably spent over $1000 on bamboo books,
articles, etc.

And what's my conclusion?

Was it all really necessary?

Do I need the Chinese/Indian/Malaysian/Marsian compendium of bamboos and all the
.PDF Thesises on the subjet.. not really.

If you have land, plant some bamboo, watch it grow, see what happens, hire
some people to help you, and take it from there.

I agree what you say about looking at the people first and not the bamboo,
but I wouldn't use such words. We don't need to look or write another book
on the subject, just individuals with the vision to do their part in the

I will write more at an agreeable time.

Coral Springs, Florida,
Joao Paulo Paglione

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